BRIGHTON FRINGE REVIEW: WUSS -Seriously Interrupted Milennial

Brian Butler June 12, 2021

Four students of the Amsterdam Theatre School have put together a stark and darkly funny view of our life as social media consumers and it is both engrossing and alarming.

Using live action, song, avatars , gaming and concocted online adverts , it touches lots of raw nerves – seeing our obsession with changing our appearance,  and with filling our houses with online products . It  also has a strong feminist line : “ you are mine, but you cannot get me “ one character tells us.

What the 4 performers uncover is a world where body image is everything -well that  and money.There are sexually explicit scenes too – because as we know even sex is an online commodity.

The slick graphics and tongue-in-cheek music highlight their message: “it’s an existential crisis that makes us weak”. It’s  strongly portrayed and the short presentation is worth a second look. It asks us – how good are you? But good at what ?  Life, being good , looking good ? You decide.

The show is streamed throughout Brighton Fringe. Information at