You Otter Know: a new zine by Harry Clayton-Wright

Rachel Badham November 21, 2020

Harry Clayton-Wright

You Otter Know is a brand new online publication by theatre maker and performer, Harry Clayton-Wright, featuring art, poetry, photography and explorations into sexuality, sobriety and the world of show-business. It was founded in the first lockdown after Harry’s tour of his theatre show Sex Education – which won both a 2017 Brighton Fringe Award and 2019 Melbourne Fringe Award in Edinburgh – was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Harry said: “It’s been a tricky year to be an independent queer theatre-maker from Blackpool, with all of my live work either cancelled or postponed. I was meant to be touring Australia this Autumn, but instead I’ve moved back home and am living with my mum. Luckily we get on really well and it’s been lovely to spend that time together. But the pandemic hasn’t stopped me from making art. 

Knowing that the safest way to create and present work would be to operate digitally, I’ve moved my practice from hallowed theatre stages to crafting zines and releasing them online (all from my childhood bedroom). Reaching thousands of people in over 50 countries. Working with artists across zooms and Google Docs in three continents. Assembling a digital variety show between the pages”

Brighton’s Marlborough Productions have taken on the role as commissioners for Issue 2 which is out now, and features queer Australian songwriter Brendan Maclean, writer and performer Krishna Istha, artist Simba, and many more.