REVIEW: Power Bear by Łukasz Majcher

March 7, 2022

Power Bear

Łukasz Majcher

This all new Queer superhero comix with its interwoven stories covering the Alien creation of life on earth, a German bear couple who wrestle with the challenges of everyday life and a secret life of superhero adventures is a fun treat. This first instalment of Łukasz Majcher Power Bear sets up the narrative and back story well.   From overarching threat of apocalyptic alien cancellation of the Earth to the niggles of plus size male relationships the artwork is colourful, engaging and using a subtle queer colour palate to keep the readers attention.

The male couple at the centre of the action are likeable with our protagonist Max – who feels trapped in a never-ending cycle of meaninglessness – and struggles with his lack of energy or passion for life. This is impacting negatively on his mental health, which is depleted after emotional exhaustion takes its toll on him. It’s here that the comic book comes into its own, serving up a queercentric story of a super hero struggling with the impact of their own traumas whilst being a hero for the LGBTQ community around them.  Set in a vividly familiar Berlin, with a tender domestic narrative wrapped in amongst the super powered antics and quirky Alien omnipotents Power Bear sets itself up for an interesting ride.

It would have been good to learn more of Max’s Nemesis in this first story and his romantic relationship  in this first issue but will be looking forward to seeing how this narrative develops and that’s the idea of a comic, to give us thrilling cliffhangers and hook us into the next issue!  Power Bear certainly delivers.

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