BOOK REVIEW: The scientific secrets of Doctor Who

June 29, 2016

Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who - Paperback


by Simon Guerrier and Marek Kukula.

Doctor Who stories are many things: thrilling adventures, historical dramas, tales of love & war and jelly babies. They’re also science fiction, though in this book it’s fiction first then the science. This book made me laugh and think, and explains some difficult and abstract scientific ideas without insulting the intelligence of the LGBT Whoovian reader (which as we all know is way above the average) . Modeled after the successful, and gay geek favourite, The Science of Discworld this superb sandwiching of new short Dr Who stories followed by an easy to follow, fun and engaging explanation of the science behind it is possibly able to explain some of the more Timey Wimey Sciencey Wiencey parts.


Simon Guerrier is the literary half, Dr Marek Kukula the boffin. He’s the Public Astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich. The book blends these two, along with acclaimed Doctor Who writers creating all new Doctor Who short stories. Most of these are good, fun and engrossing but some are of a formulaic variable quality, however Whoovians are very forgiving and the science section that follows each story is robust, interesting, easy to follow and fascinating.  The stories also feature each of the Doctor’s regenerations, so something for everyone, even the three people who love the seventh Dr….

Continues after gratuitous Tom Baker’s Dr Who on Brighton Beach photo…..

gratitus photo of Tom Baker

As a side line read Nick Ryans entertaining article on why there are so many gay Dr Who fans here. 

Following each story Kukula teases the science out, reflecting on the style of Dr Who’s science and seeing how close some of the more futuristic predictions have been. This is a superb book for the Whoovian or geek in your life or for someone with a huge interest in the Doctor who could do with a little sneaky entertaining factual education on the side.


If you are interested in learning more then prepare to step beyond space and time for a very special one-off event on July 16, as the authors tackle the science of Doctor Who at the Brighton Science Festival in July at the Sallis Benney where the authors of the book will be holding a brilliant event based on the book. You can send them your pressing Dr Who related questions here

Why is it a bad idea to change history? How do you tell one Sontaran from another? How difficult is it to turn someone into a Cyberman?

And book – very reasonably priced – tickets for the cities gay-geek-fest event of the year, here.  Kukula and Guerrier are also very easy on the eye so if the science gets too deep you can always drift off and imagine adventures in a blue box with those two gents alongside….

See full details of the fun events in the Brighton Science Festival here:


Out now in Hardback, £9.99

Paperback available on July 7 

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