PREVIEW: HIV-Positive? New Year, New You!

Besi Besemar December 5, 2014

HIV Happy

Paul Thorn’s eagerly anticipated eBook, HIV Happy will be published, January 5 on Amazon Kindle.

The eBook presents a tried and tested methodology on how to improve your day to day life living with the virus. It expands on many of the ideas that were presented in his award nominated GT magazine column called Recipes for Life. The column had been noticed by many for its very different approach to HIV writing and the eBook, although concise is no different.

Paul Thorn
Paul Thorn

Paul said: “I wanted to move away from a purely health orientated focus and that awful veiled HIV prevention writing we have come to know over the years. There is so much more that could be written about and is relevant to those surviving with the virus, rather than ‘be good, don’t be naughty, always wear a condom’. HIV can be an amazing catalyst that enables people to think about and change aspects of their lives for something better and more fulfilling. Half of the challenge is making the choice to change in the first place, and it isn’t necessarily the obvious external stuff. As I like to say, ‘it’s an inside job’. It’s about a mental shift on how we perceive ourselves more than anything else. The book is really just a simple philosophy on living with the virus and on how to make the most of the second chance that treatment gives many of us.”

HIV Happy offers advice on everything from making minor adjustments to your life, to complete self re-invention. It covers a multitude of subjects ranging from home life, self-esteem, relationships, finances, work and career.

Ultimately the book aims to assist people with HIV to improve their quality of life and find a happier way of co-existing with the virus.

HIV Happy is an eBook and will be published on Monday, January 5, by E-M-Press on Amazon Kindle price £3.99.

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