Book Review: Out of Uniform

September 13, 2014


Out of Uniform

Edited by Winston Gieseke

Why do we go weak in the knees for a man in uniform? He could be a police officer, a military man, a fire fighter, or one of those guys in sexy brown pants who delivers nice packages (both in a box and in his pants!) to your door. There is something about the uniform makes us stop and stare. A uniform transforms an everyday guy into a modern-day object of desire, gives him a different identity, one who stands straighter, prouder. And one we can’t wait to get naked. Because the only thing sexier than a man in uniform , is getting a man out of uniform.

This is slick and horny one handed reading and the collection of stories manage to hit the spot plenty of times. Edited by Winston Gieseke who’s a dab hand and sorting out writers and stories of good quality and with a certain edge. These stories are full of plenty of uniformed men getting it on with each other, some Sergeants interfering with their privates and a few rougher, harder scenarios going down behind the khaki kit bags too, big packages get delivered, handcuffs clink in the background, firemen get their houses out to douse the flames they’ve fanned. The stories have a good breadth too and there are plenty of them and it’s always good find different flavoured delights every time you open the book, although they are all military rations. So you know what you’re getting.

Gieseke is a past master at editing this kind of short and hot erotica and has a good track record under his thick leather belt; see more of this stuff here:

gratuitous picture of soildersIt’s not all shiny buttons and crisp ironed uniforms; there are some unexpected twists in the odd story, a cautionary tale about playing with fire and one or two romantic dénouements too. But all the men featured are big, buff and well turned out; the basic rugged Hero type.

So if uniformed men relentlessly getting it on with each other and some lucky fit civvies gets you going then this all new anthologies of some of the best male erotic short story writers might be just the thing to sort you out.

Now where did I leave that Traffic Warden outfit…

Out now


Available now, from all quality gay bookshops or the publisher’s website.