New book from Tom Rudd – disabled, queer punk poet

Graham Robson April 8, 2021

Tom Rudd’s first poetry collection, i am a thing of rough edges, explores everything from mental health to grief, identity to LGBTQ activism, and the importance of cuddles.

The book exposes the honest intricacies of living with mental health issues, and exposes how debilitating invisible illnesses can be. Passionate about intersectional activism, Tom’s poetry raises awareness of queerness and educates the reader on gender expression.

Tom says: “The UK is in a period of intense bigotry – attacks on trans people in the street and from the government are on the rise. Meanwhile, the Conservative government is in a seemingly endless war against people with disabilities.

“However, the Left has been largely useless and ultimately complicit. Despite the fact that more and more of us are experiencing mental ill health, the systems in this country aren’t set up to take care of it.

“We’re being failed. I’m not saying that poetry will solve everything. But it what it will do is shine a light on some of the issues, and empower people to have a voice and take a stand.”

Tom Rudd

About Tom

Tom Rudd (Anxious Anarchist Poetry) is a disabled, non-binary, queer punk poet based in York. Their work focuses on the ideas of mental health, identity, grief and the importance of cuddles. Rudd’s mercenary style of poetry has led to them winning the Stanza Slam and being a runner up at the Your Place Slam.

Their passions include Dungeons & Dragons, hand holding and the destruction of capitalism. They are the creator and host of Sad Poets Doorstep Club: a mental health poetry night that seeks to promote marginalised poets and fight the stigma around mental illness.

i am a thing of rough edges is published by Whisky & Beards Publishing. To order a copy, click here.