Gay Relationships: by Paul Jenner: Book review

March 11, 2013

needtoknowGay Relationships: The Essential Guide by Paul Jenner

This is a nice easy and simple guide to what makes a healthy gay relationship work, from the first tentative steps of coming out to the big question of commitment.  Paul Jenner has written extensively about sex for the last 30 years and this is his take on making a successful gay relationship work, however you may define that.

It’s almost a ‘how to’ guide and covers just about everything you could want to know, from the earliest stages of coming out and self acceptance to the civil partnerships, parenting and legal implications of settling down. It examines the differences between simply living together and civil partnership and looks at the various ways gay men can have children.

There’s some cool sex guides too from the ‘first time’ to more ‘advanced techniques’ as he so coquettishly puts it, but the book is blunt without being filthy, and erotic enough to stop it being clinical. With some illustrations of sexual positions and advice around when sex goes wrong and some good clear advice on sexual infections and HIV.

Jenner’s style is friendly and easy to understand and he’s thoughtfully included some chapters on the sometimes confusing world of cyber dating and also harassment, discrimination and hate crime. It’s pretty comprehensive for a small book.

It’s got a local focus too, with lots of contact details at the back for support groups and more info, which is always good as often this type of books tends to hark from the USA. This is an easy to read and understand comprehensive guide to all the various parts; sensual, sexual, spiritual and financial that can lead to a sustainable happy relationship.

Out now: £9.99 / or as an ebook £3.99


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