Deliveroo & LEON Add LGBT+ Kids Books to Orders

Paul Wright June 2, 2020

To celebrate Pride Month, Deliveroo has partnered with causal dining chain Leon to include free a LGBT+ children`s book with Leon orders in June. The offer is available in London, Manchester and Brighton. The fictional gay romance Prince Henry and Kenny Lives with Erica and Martina, a tale of acceptance and diverse families are available. Both are by LGBT+ author and illustrator Olly Pike. “Olly`s books are brilliant happy tales to remind us that love really is what the world needs now,” Rebecca Di Mambro head of marketing at LEON said.

“Every child is born without prejudice and hate” Olly Pike said to the Metro. “Part of being a kid is learning to understand the different types of people in the world around you – and specifically, in modern society, this means that even though we are all different, we are all equal.” He thanked Deliveroo and LEON for supporting him in spreading a “positive message of LGBT+ acceptance.” Olly had previously campaigned to get LGBT+ picture books into schools to counter the protests against LGBT+ inclusive eduction. The inclusive curriculum is compulsory form September this year. Recent studies showed that 13 percent of UK children have experienced bullying because of their sexuality. It is hoped to decrease this figure by raising awareness of diverse relationships before children attend secondary school.

“Celebrating love in all its forms is at the core of the Deliveroo brand and we are proud to play our part in Pride once again” said Arabella Jenkins, communications manger of Deliveroo. “We want to inspire every child to stand up against injustice and have the courage to be their truest selves!”