Brighton Transformed

Kat Pope May 4, 2013

Queenspark Books

QueenSpark, the city’s publisher of local voices, is embarking on a new project to bring the lives and experiences of Brighton & Hove’s Trans community to a wider audience.

Called ‘Brighton Transformed’, the project will document the life stories of local Trans people online, in book form, and also as documentaries to be broadcast on RadioReverb.

Over the course of a year and a half, a team of trained volunteers will record stories from Trans contributors which will then be stored on an online archive.

A book of life stories will also be produced, together with a public exhibition. This will coincide with the transmission of the radio programmes.


Rory Smith, FTM
Rory Smith, FTM

Rory Smith, chair of FTM Brighton, said:

“Trans identities are often neglected, re-written or even erased from formal histories.

“This project is important because, if for no other reason, is says ‘we were here.

For more information email:  the Project Co-ordinator,