BOOK REVIEW: With Some Wild Women by Jill Gardiner

February 26, 2020

With Some Wild Women

Poetry collection from Jill Gardiner

This wonderfully epic, and impressive debut collection of poetry from Gardiner gives us an evocative and entirely authentic lesbian viewpoint of life and all its infinite variety.  The poems, which range from tender blisteringly honest love poems to high farce, from delicate treatments of grief and sadness to erotic full fleshed romps, are based round women who the poet has known throughout her life.

It’s a delightful hook to hang this collection on, we’re lead through a life of schoolgirl crushes, unhinged and uninhibited aunts, steamy romance, intellectual blooming,  loss, love and an acceptance of maturity rooted in a life lived honestly, regardless of the expectation of family or society.  Her spirited prose wraps its strong grip on friends, lovers and the women who have, and still do inspire her. It uncoils itself with warmth that leaves the poems understood. Poems ought to move, to reach into our lives and deposit us in the other place, the poet’s place, to reflect, catch our breath or just laugh out loud. Gardiners poems embrace the utter delight in being a women, a lesbian and knowing that life is for living.

There is an exuberance to these poems that never smothers their sometimes delicate subject matter, but instead gives us the strength to face some of it, uncompromised by fear and motivated by unique opportunities.

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