Book Review: The BIG LGBTQ+ book of activities by Amie Taylor

November 24, 2020

The BIG LGBTQ+ book of activities

Amie Taylor

Another timely publication from JKPress. Well researched by the author, offering representation to rainbow families and to children that may grow up to be LGBTQI themselves. The book is fabulously inclusive, but with a small ‘i’ , it’s focus is working, playing and learning via set activities.  There’s plenty of fun here, wit and age appropriate humour abound in the narratives, the stories look to our own LGBTQ+ communities for protagonists, priorities and reflection, aimed at the 6-9 age range.

The book has a series of tales with characters that have an LGBTQI identity all warmly illustrated by Liza Stevens who has an effervesce bounce to their artwork, and I imagine children will love to copy. Each story is then followed by quizzes, worksheets, word-searches, drama activities, colouring and writing activities and some more in-depth explanation about LGBTQI identities.

At the back of the book is an easy guide for parents or teachers about how to address questions asked by children, offering support to educators and unpicking some harmful narratives which are often shared by wider non-LGBTQ media. With LGBTQ life now being  taught as part of RSE in schools, this book is one of the first seriously inclusive activity books which excels in celebrating diversity in all its forms and reflecting the real intersectionality of the UK’s families many of our young people come from.

Out now £15.43

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