BOOK REVIEW: The Adventures of a Happy Homosexual: Memoirs of an Unlikely Activist: Terry Sanderson

August 1, 2016

51vvwBjYHnLThe Adventures of a Happy Homosexual: Memoirs of an Unlikely Activist

Terry Sanderson

With Pride almost upon us, what coud be better than a stiff reminder of what it all means, where it comes from and why we parade when we perhaps ought to still be marching…..

TerryTerry Sanderson’s new biography takes us on a candid, funny and touching journey through his life and the events and circumstances that lead to him becoming such vibrant, strong campaigner for LGBT equalities over the last 50 years. Many of us will know him from ‘Media Watch’ his long running column in Gay Times and others from his iconic famous book ‘How to be a happy homosexual’.  Sanderson’s writing and spotlighting of homophobes, haters, hypocrites and political liars has underscored countless LGBT peoples experiences and shown us how effective, well researched and well written campaigning work can be effective. He has shown us the truth, both ugly and visionary.

mediawatch 1991As a young Queer man he tooled me and many many others  up, gave me the fact and arguments and de-constructive power to take on entrenched privilege and homophobic elected representatives, and others in authority over us he was also an Agony Aunt, speaking his experience, and teaching us how to be happy homo’s, dykes, poofs, queers and lesseies.  His writings, exposes and articles were like sitting at the feet of Socrates mixed up with Dolly Parton. He still is a vibrant valid voice of reason.

More info on Terry here, his Pink Paper writing in the Guardian, Huffinton Post etc etc

71S7p8w0cFLGiving his strong Queer clarion voice to our legitimate concerns and allowing less talented people ( like me)  to carry arguments forward with conviction.  Terry’s eye witness accounts of just about every LGBT event of importance from the last 40 odd years is as funny as it is poignant and his trademark ruthlessness and honesty shines through this book and is testament to his belief in the importance of recording our own LGBT history on our own terms and to arm ourselves with well researched facts and call our oppressors out!.

It was a joy to read and informative, and ain’t that what the stories of us Queers ought to be?

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Out now £8.99

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