Book Review: She’s my Dad by Sarah Savage

November 18, 2020

She’s my Dad

Sarah Savage

Local author Sarah Savage has produced a brightly illustrated book for children aged 3 – 7 which engages in an effective and gentle way in an early years setting,  telling a positive story of of family diversity.  Presented with fun and with  key messages being about friends, cuddles, kittens, family & respect,  this is a great book to support children whose parents may have transitioned,  or starting off on a journey towards their authentic selves.  It’s an intergenerational book, with people presented as varied, diverse and accepting as most folk are in real life.

Most importantly it’s also a book about what doesn’t change when a parent transitions; it’s  about unconditional love, about family bonds,  strong respectful relationships and how families, and children in particular can be resilient, adaptive and creative in their new ways of relating. With a helpful reading guide, sharing vocabulary and explanation’s around pronoun use and respect Savages book is a clarion call of simplicity and care in how a family is still a family even though the gendered term of the parents may change.

Illustrated throughout by Joules Garcia with their bold, warm and colourful graphics, this is a balanced and fun addition to the growing library of books addressing diverse families and the issues they present to healthy learning, acceptance and growing up.

Out now £10.99

For more info to order, or buy the book see the publishers website here: 



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