Book Review: Sex Ed-A guide for Adults by Ruby Rare

December 30, 2020

Sex Ed

A guide for Adults

Ruby Rare

Sex educator and body-positivity advocate Ruby Rare, who describes herself as an ‘average queer non-monogamous gal’ has condensed years of work into this wonderfully illustrated thick hardback book, perfect for the bedside library.

Sex Ed is a practical and fun guide to sex. Rare brings her no nonsense but caring approach to erotic information, dispelling insecurities with frank suggestions on how best to connect with our lovers and communicate effectively about your sexual needs, how the brain is the most important sex organ all the way down to the in’s & outs of physical squishy sex and all the various combinations of bodies we can generate.

Although not specifically aimed at the LGBTQ+ audience, the book is focused more on us as sensual beings, rather than the labels people may put on our sexual tastes, so reaches across with shared experience.  The content and voluptuous illustrations are explicit, colourful, inclusive and engageing, really adding to the value of the read and their rich and funny content brings this book to life, from Queer illustrator Sofie Birkin The author takes us though how we can become healthier, happier lovers and enjoy our arousals, and what gets us there  and get’s us off, completely in this comprehensive and in-depth look at sex and how to do it.

Rare’s passion, clearly laid out in the book it to bring good, satisfying sex to everyone, and help remove negative feelings around sensual enjoyment by looking at how to understand, learn and ultimately love your body.  There’s a lot of ‘sex-how-to’ guides kicking around, most written by folk with no real idea of what they’re going on about, this book contains a lot of hard won truths, shared with care and clarity by someone with an understanding of the ways that privilege, power and society can conspire to rob us of our authentic sexual truths.

It’s the kind of book you can work though, chapter by chapter and it’s dense and comprehensive enough to challenge most of us to learn a little, but can also be flicked open at whim.  Ultimately versatile! which is the often the way to most fun. Rare writes with an unconditional love of the subject and her self,  and is keen to support our own journeys into self acceptance and exploration of the joy our bodies can bring us and others when we share them with passion and understanding.

Out now, small hardback – £12.99

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