BOOK REVIEW: Larrikin Yakka by Paul Freeman

March 31, 2018

Larrikin Yakka

Paul Freeman

Australian photographer Paul Freeman has a new full colour very glossy photography book and he’s got a seriously good eye for a well-polished rough gent stripped down and buffed up.

His new large photo book Larrikin Yakka is an erotic delight. Larrikin is an Aussie term meaning “a mischievous young person, an uncultivated, rowdy but good hearted person.”  Just the type of gent you want sprawled with his tools out in full colour across your coffee table then.

Freemans’ photographs manage that contradictory queer state of being quality honest portraits of the men while also being superbly realised erotic fantasy images for the modern urban gay man.

Out Now! For more information or to learn some interesting stuff about the background to it’s publication see Paul Freeman’s website: 

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