Book Review: Eat my Glitter Dust : Lucy Kirk

December 28, 2020

Eat my Glitter Dust

Lucy Kirk

This sweet little hard back book beautifully illustrated by artist Lucy Kirk, is packed with motivating quotes and life advice covering topics including love, friendship, work, and the all-important chill time many folks struggle to prioritize.

It’s queer self-care, allowing us to access the wise Unicorn best friend and guaranteed  to bring a smile and give us  a fierce one liner to get through a difficult day.

Eat My Glitter Dust will remind you to be fabulous in every aspect of your life, to work hard but play harder, be your best authentic self, celebrate the sweet things in life,  and spend time with nature… even if the most adventurous you usually get is watering the three succulents on your windowsill.

Check out Kirk’s website for some more of her heart warming, engaging and bold illustrations.

Out now £7.99

For more info or to buy the book see the publishers website here: