BOOK REVIEW: Bare Strength

January 27, 2015

Bare Strength

Bare Strength by Michael Stokes .

Stokes is one of the most successful newcomers in recent years. His first book, Masculinity, was an overwhelming success, and now comes Bare Strength, the hotly anticipated second volume by this master photographer.

He continues to examine raw masculine bodies in highly stylised poses, allowing us to appreciate both the sensual and sexual appeal of the model while also understanding some of the context the photographer is capturing.

tumblr_mvv2aoNux61qidqojo1_1280He’s best known for his work with nude American soldier amputees but also for portraying so-called disabled men in poses of provocative sensuality. Check out his work safe pinterest site here; it’s an interesting collection of photos all with Stokes’ trademark high production values glossy style, but with none of the insincere media gloss that you usually find with this kind of image. I like him, he’s charming and contradictory at the same time and the men are hot, hot,hot.

It’s a big, thick meaty book (10.25 x 13.5) just like the men in it. This full-colour, 128-page hardback coffee-table breaker will keep you turning page after glossy page with your jaw slack.

48ac4754221c964892a68bf569659e81His tumblr site is a gift for the eyes and will certainly give them a workout but is not safe to view at work. To view, click here:

Out now £65

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