BOOK REVIEW: A Marvellous Party by Ian Elmslie 

October 26, 2017

A Marvellous Party

Ian Elmslie 

Ian nails the most important mantra of LGBT history here: ‘Unless we share our stories, our history is lost’ and this wonderful funny, engaging and downright salacious memoir follows our author Ian on his one man journey from family home to the heart of the gay cabaret scene, and the characters he met on the way, and boy are they characters. Elmslie has met a delightful and astonishingly curious range of famous people and he name drops better than Elaine Paige and is far more generous and authentic with his praise.

He shows his respect and joy of the Queer icons who have inspired him, and given him the strength to get through the the tough times,  he shares the things he has learned and with insight and amusement and some honest passages that are heart-warming.

Elmslie was born in the same hospital as Quentin Crisp, although a few years later… and like that wonderful Legendary Queer he retains the ability to be candid and funny which endears the reader to turning another page to learn more.

He spent more than a decade as one half of the award-winning musical comedy duo, Katrina and The Boy crossing the country entertaining and meeting just about every and anyone there was to meet.


Elmslie is a very generous and warm writer, his prose engages and this book is as funny as is it entertaining.  Recommended, this sparkling memoir is a warm, charming and funny delight of a read and this handsome suave author the person I most want to get stuck in a lift with this winter season.

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