BOOK PREVIEW: HIV Happy by Paul Thorn

Don’t just exist with HIV – Learn how to LIVE with HIV!

HIV Happy

Award-nominated author Paul Thorn has launched his new book, a self-help guide to living with HIV, dedicating his latest work to a very special friend – Glenn Thomas, victim of Malaysian flight MH17.

One year ago on July 17th 2014 Malaysian flight MH17 was shot down by a surface-to-air missile over eastern Ukraine. Amongst the 298 passengers and crew killed was Glenn Thomas, aged just 49, a British citizen working as a Media Officer for the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. He was travelling with other HIV experts to the IAS (International AIDS Summit) 2014, due to take place in Melbourne, Australia.

On the anniversary of the tragic and senseless loss of life of his gifted friend, Paul Thorn (author and Stonewall nominated Journalist of the Year 2014) has dedicated his new book, HIV Happy, to Glenn’s memory.

In HIV Happy, Paul describes his personal journey from being diagnosed as HIV-positive when he was in his late teens, from despair and self-destruction through to hope and setting out on a new road of living positively with the virus.

He then shares with and offer readers his Five Pillars of HIV Happy, a clear, concise guide to how both the newly diagnosed and the long-term HIV-positive person can set about getting to grips with all aspects of their life.

This book is for anyone who needs a helping hand in figuring out the best way forward to a healthy, happy future with HIV – and to grasp with both hands the second chance at life that treatment affords them.

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