Alfie Ordinary launches new Youtube series – Living Legends

Graham Robson November 1, 2021

Brighton-based Drag Prince Alfie Ordinary has announced Living Legends, a series of interviews with pioneers of the British drag scene, will be released weekly on YouTube from November 15, 2021.

Supported by Arts Council England, with thanks to Brighton & Hove Pride, the series of one-to-one interviews will feature drag artists of iconic status David Hoyle, Le Gateau Chocolat, Adam All, Dave Lynn, Lola Lasagne, Holestar and Son of a Tutu. Alfie will address their individual successes, from TV and Film work, community work, career longevity, taking their place on huge international stages, the activism on which Drag is built and of course, the absolute campery of it all. These interviews are about those who have innovated drag over decades; changing and developing the art form and queer protest through their work.

Alfie said: “I’m so excited for this show! The guests I’m interviewing have all achieved a great level of success in their drag careers, and an incredible longevity.  Some of the artists I’m talking to have been doing drag longer than I have been alive! And they are all STILL working drag artists! I can’t wait to sit down and talk with these incredible people about the ever-changing landscape of drag, from television and film appearances, to Section 28, gay marriage and RuPaul’s Drag Race.” 

Filming took place at Brighton & Hove Pride’s new state of the art Ironworks Studios, with seven of the UK’s most respected and treasured acts sharing their incredible drag stories. Audiences will hear about the way one queen uses their platform for powerful activism, having spearheaded the biggest vigil for the Pulse Orlando shootings in Soho, and organising a viral video campaign during the Black Lives Matter movement last summer. One artist speaks about drag and spirituality, while another talks about how their time in the army and their work as a dominatrix plays a part in their drag.

We hear about the importance of inclusivity within the LGBTQ+ scene from a leading Drag King and we hear about how the portrayal of queer people in the media has changed in the last 40 years and what that has done to and for our community. We learn how one queen started drag in the mid ’70s, just 10 years after the Sexual Offences Act in 1967 and how they have witnessed 45 years of social change and developments in our human rights over their career.

Alfie Ordinary

The interviews are candid, friendly and informative, telling a diverse and fascinating story about the rich history of UK drag through the words of Living Legends themselves.

Alfie Ordinary‘s Living Legends will launch its first episode on November 15. Each episode will be uploaded weekly onto the Living Legends YouTube channel. For more information, CLICK HERE.