COPPERDOLLAR: Fringe: Review

May 7, 2014

1380625_671557502863295_613729274_nCOPPERDOLLAR: THE BACK OF BEYOND

The Famous Spiegel Tent

Old Steine

COPPERDOLLAR: THE BACK OF BEYOND was   a visual feast of Art, Music and Interactive Performance played out in an exciting and unique venue full of atmosphere and, more importantly, a great way to open the festival and the Spiegel tent.


Copperdollar is a family of creative, a beautiful bunch of bizarre deathly Carny folk with eclectic passion, fury, and humour that make magic in a space and transport all who enter into a world beyond their own. To do this they work a room hard, very hard, never stopping in their invested glee, involving everyone in a person moment of madness that slowly blossoms into the whole place hitting the same vibe, it’s fun, silly and feels like being part of a huge procession or party, which is surely their aim, a festival in a night! Although it did feel also like a perfectly ordinary afternoon in Morrison’s on St James St too, dodging the freaks and watching the chaos develop, but then I’m a resident of this glorious city and am hard to impress, although not hard to please as Copperdollar managed to accomplish quickly with their hard work and sheer fun.

You can check out more info about the group and this show from their website here:


This was a fun night out and a great start to the Festival, a whole lot of silly madness wrapped up in a Day of the Dead whirling Mexican theme, the wonderful mirrored delights of the cool Spiegel tent and a great atmosphere. I danced a bit, then had free tequila, laid in a coffin and got my face painted, whirled in group dancing and got stared out by a lady skeleton, had a bitter sweet moment with a heart shaped chocolate and generally let my hair down.

The Spiegel Tent is as glorious as always and a great venue for this kind of malarkey, although the area around the tent is needs sorting out, MOVE THOSE TABLES that block the entrance to the toilets, what a daft idea! Other than that the bars are cool, bar staff approachable and cute and the whole thing bounces along in its slick and relentless way, there’s some great fast food to be had there too, local beef and slow cooked pork, bloody yum yum.

The gardens are free for everyone to enjoy and the Spiegelpub is open throughout the festival serving the finest drinks, meals and refreshments, run by local company and Spiegeltent partners Drinkinbrighton. It’s the best beer garden in town with an on site Fringe Box Office, fun , games and free entertainment on the Green Room stage.

Copperdoller do a lot of festivals and summer festivals; see their face book page here for more info about them and their next happenings.


We love Copperdoller, they started our night off wonderfully and then we had the added joy of hitting West St looking for the well hidden Warren Fringe Club at St Pauls with our faces painted as sculls! Never a dull moment in the Brighton Festival

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